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Welcome to our website and thank you for stopping. We understand that you have many choices when it comes to your landscape, and we want to take this opportunity to tell you why you should consider us for your needs. Kelly’s Greenscapes is a “Landscape Design/Build” company specializing in Residential Landscape Design and Installation – this includes hardscapes (the complete design and installation of walkways, patios, retaining walls, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, water features and more) and softscapes (complete landscape design and installation including trees, shrubs, perennials, new lawns, grading needs and more). We also offer commercial landscape installation, maintenance and snow removal services.

A company’s history is important so let me tell you a little bit about ours.

Shawn Kelly is the owner and founder of Kelly’s Greenscapes. At the age of 12, Shawn made a flyer with his mom to pass out to his neighbors. Shawn was a highly motivated young man, and had the idea that he could mow lawns to make some extra cash. He named his new company “The Mowing Machine” in 1994. Little did he know at that time – he had planted a seed that would grow into something very special.

Five years later, in 1999, Kelly’s Greenscapes was founded. At that time, Shawn had 3 employees and focused solely on lawn mowing and maintenance. While running his business, Shawn was also studying Finance at UW-Milwaukee. Over time, as Shawn learned more about his trade and the green industry, he began offering simple landscape construction services to satisfy the demands of his new customer base.

The company grew quickly. Within two years, by 2001, Kelly’s Greenscapes had gone from a one-truck operation with 3 employees to a full-blown small business with 10 trucks and as many employees. At this time, Shawn knew his hard work was paying off. He saw the success of his small business and knew he had to keep working to set himself apart. As he examined the industry, he started to recognize the difference between high and low quality landscapes. He noticed landscapes that stood out and ones that just did not impress. He vowed that his company would provide high quality products and services. His company would offer an alternative to the mundane “cookie cutter” landscapes that he seemed to see everywhere.

In 2002, Shawn transferred his focus from Finance and UW-Milwaukee to Landscape Horticulture at Milwaukee Area Technical College. Shawn learned about various aspects of the Landscape Industry, but the area that really appealed to him was Landscape Construction. During this time, Kelly’s Greenscapes took on increasingly more construction projects while landscape maintenance and lawn mowing decreased. By 2005, Kelly’s Greenscapes had fully transitioned to a Landscape Design/Build company, and has been improving upon that foundation ever since.

Today, Shawn still plays a central role in the day-to-day business of Kelly’s Greenscapes and continues to make improvements. He personally oversees each and every installation project and is often the first point of contact with new customers. He has stuck to his vow to set himself and his company apart and still strives to provide personalized service for each and every customer. He has implemented a higher level of design in his design/build process. Each client is encouraged to take part in the design process for their project. Clients have personalized meetings with their designers and are given multiple opportunities to give feedback before their design is finalized. Shawn continues to employ high quality landscape installation experts and encourages constant improvements and educational opportunities for his staff. Shawn believes in hard work, high quality products and services, and doing things right the first time around. He rewards his employees well for their hard work, dedication and professionalism and is able to continually provide exemplary landscape design/build services. Every year, Kelly’s Greenscapes grows and develops, continually striving to provide a superior product for the customer at a competitive rate.

At Kelly’s Greenscapes, we are proud of our history, experience and professional staff and hope that it gives you peace of mind when choosing a contractor for your outdoor space. It is our mission to set high standards of excellence for the benefit of our customers, employees, and the entire landscaping industry; through integrity, quality and superior performance.

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Kelly’s Greenscapes is a full-service Landscape Design/Build Company. This means we offer services from landscape design to installation and a number of other specialties in between!

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