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Kelly’s Greenscapes specializes in custom landscape design and installation, including outdoor kitchens, patios, LED lighting, fire pits and gardens! All of which add tremendous visual appeal and equally impressive functionality. Whatever your needs are, Kelly’s Greenscapes will work with you to design and implement a full landscape design that works for you! Leave it to us to consider problem areas, think about future maintenance needs, incorporate your goals, all while working within your budget! Our goal is to be certain you're pleased with your landscape investment for years to come.

We begin by scheduling a free one-on-one consultation to discuss your wants, needs, and anything in between. Whether you like to entertain on the weekend, escape to a private & relaxing retreat, or create a kid’s paradise – our goal is to make your visions a reality! This meeting also offers an opportunity to get to know your designer and get input and suggestions from your very own landscape professional. You may look at photos of previous Kelly’s Greenscapes projects, go over ideas of your own or simply walk around the yard to talk about your goals for your space.

Once you decide to move forward with the design process you can be assured that your designer will put your needs first. Your input is important to us, and that is why we make sure to keep you involved throughout the design process and offer multiple opportunities for design revisions based on your feedback. Our designers use DynaScape computer aided design software, which makes it quick and easy to share the design with you throughout the process to be sure we are on the right track. Once both you and your designer are satisfied with the design, your designer will set up a final design review with you to go over a full scale copy of the design in person to make sure every last detail meets your approval.

At Kelly’s Greenscapes, our designers enjoy creating unique designs customized to you and your site. A professional landscape design is also extremely beneficial to you, the homeowner. It will allow you to see in detail what your landscape will look like before construction begins. Having your designer available for the installation process is also exceptionally valuable. They will work with you on planning installation, scheduling and phasing, if necessary, and will be available throughout the installation process to ensure every design detail and intention is realized. Furthermore, the final landscape design will be yours to keep! You will have a full-size scaled copy of your design as well as a digital copy that you can keep for future reference. You never know when you might want to know what type of pavers were used on your walkway, or what “that one plant” that you love so much is called.

At Kelly’s Greenscapes, we are at your service and want to make sure that we are providing you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your new landscape every step of the way – from initial design concept, to specifying plants and hardscape materials, to installation phasing options and more! Our knowledgeable staff will be an invaluable asset to making your landscape dreams a reality!


When you think of your dream home landscape, of course there are trees, shrubs and flowers, but there are also walkways and patios, maybe even a couple walls, a pergola, a water feature, natural stone steps or a built in grill! “Hardscapes” as we call them are an integral part of any landscape, and at Kelly’s Greenscapes, they are some of our favorite things to design and build.

When we meet with a client to discuss their landscape design for the first time, some of our first questions are in regards to hardscapes: What are your goals for your outdoor space? How do you hope to use the space? How many people generally use the space at one time? Have you considered a fire pit or water feature?

Maybe you know exactly what you want. Or perhaps you only have an idea of the feelings you want to create – serene and relaxing, fun for the family or maybe formal and elegant. A Kelly’s Greenscapes professional & innovative landscape design will quickly transform underutilized outdoor spaces into backyard vacation destinations. We can show you some of our previous projects and give you some ideas. We also always love input from you – of course, you are the one that needs to love it in the end!

At Kelly’s Greenscapes, we have landscape professionals who can handle just about any landscape element you can think of for your home with a level of craftsmanship that cannot be beat! We take pride in our landscape construction elements, from patios and walkways, cedar pergolas, fire pits, landscape lighting, waterfalls, outdoor kitchens and more! Every hardscape element we create is built with aesthetic quality and durability in mind.

When constructing a patio or walkway, we understand that the base layer below the patio is the most important aspect and must be laid properly to withstand freeze and thaw cycles in Wisconsin. We know how important balance, repetition and uniform spacing is to a masonry stonework job. And we also know uniform mortar joints and sufficient depth of the patio base are probably not the first things you notice when you see a beautiful landscape. But you can trust us when we tell you – you will appreciate the attention to detail when you are still enjoying your outdoor space ten years later!

Kelly’s Greenscapes has many years of experience designing and building custom landscapes in the Milwaukee, Waukesha and surrounding Lake Country area. As a design/build company we have the advantage of working with our own landscape designers in house to figure out the details before construction even begins. Our design and installation crews work together seamlessly to ensure your new landscape is not only beautiful, but built to last! Together, we can create a one-of-a-kind outdoor paradise in your own back yard, customized to fit you, your home and your budget! What are you waiting for? Contact Kelly’s Greenscapes to get started today!

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Kelly’s Greenscapes is a full-service Landscape Design/Build Company. This means we offer services from landscape design to installation and a number of other specialties in between!

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