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Kelly’s Greenscapes has over a decade of experience building hardscape surfaces including patios and walkways. We use a variety of materials when constructing patios and walkways such as concrete pavers, natural stone, or clay brick. The material we use most often is concrete pavers. We find that this is a popular choice as it is less expensive than natural stone and more durable than clay brick.

An important aspect of a patio or walkway installation, whether using concrete pavers, natural stone or clay brick, is the base layer below the pavers. At Kelly’s Greenscapes, we know how important a properly installed base layer is to the durability and longevity of the patio or walkway. When done correctly, the base layer allows the ground below to flex slightly with freeze and thaw cycles in Wisconsin without disrupting the smooth surface of the pavers above. This ability gives paver, stone or brick patios a leg up over poured concrete, which can and will crack in Wisconsin’s climate.

When quality patio pavers are installed appropriately, they can last a decade or more without serious damage. In the rare event that there is a problem with a particular section of a paver, stone or brick patio, the problem area can easily be replaced without disturbing the entire patio. When choosing a material, keep in mind natural stone is much more irregular than concrete pavers or brick, and the surface may wear or chip unevenly as it ages. Also, the surface of clay pavers tends to wear down more quickly than either natural stone or concrete pavers.

This wide range of materials also offers a variety of aesthetically pleasing colors and textures to choose from. Materials should be chosen to complement the architectural style and building materials for each site. Many of these materials can also often be tied into the rest of the landscape by incorporating them into planting bed borders, steps or walls, creating unity through the landscape. Natural stone and clay brick are both often used as veneer on homes in our area, and therefore may be a better option than concrete pavers if complementing the style of the home is one of the client’s main design considerations. Often our designers will suggest aesthetically pleasing combinations of materials, capitalizing on the strengths of each.

The variety of materials and landscape applications for these materials creates limitless possibilities when it comes to your landscape design. Kelly’s Greenscapes’ professional landscape designers have years of experience working with these materials and will be invaluable in helping to choose the right materials for your custom landscape. Previous projects and experience are used as a guide to determine what will work best for you and your home. If necessary, material samples can even be brought to you for review alongside your home before construction begins.

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