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Well-executed landscape plantings start with a great design including site evaluation, environmental conditions, aesthetic consideration, and finally, appropriate plant selection and placement. Kelly’s Greenscapes takes considerable time and care when choosing the right plantings for your new landscape. As always, we take our direction from you when developing a planting plan. Whether you are an avid gardener or have a brown thumb, we can work with you! Let us know if you have favorite plants, a color scheme in mind, if you love ornamental grasses or must have plants with great fall or winter interest. If you really have no clue where to start, that’s ok too. Our designers will help guide you in the right direction and give you good suggestions for an easy, low maintenance landscape with style.


In every home it is essential to ensure water is draining properly throughout the site. At Kelly’s Greenscapes, we carefully consider drainage for each and every jobsite we visit! Storm water and freeze-thaw cycles in Wisconsin make drainage considerations especially important. Homes and landscapes both need to be protected against the water damage that can be caused by improper drainage – pooling, basement infiltration, uneven settlement and more. Whatever your needs – extending and burying downspouts, creating berms and swales or rain gardens, adding French drains or permeable pavers – Kelly’s Greenscapes has you covered.

Kelly’s Greenscapes starts your drainage planning during the design process. Just let us know where your drainage problems are, and we will give you the best advice to solve them without compromising the aesthetic beauty of your overarching landscape scheme. A professionally designed landscape contributes to the aesthetic beauty and value of your property, but without a well-considered drainage plan, both the beauty and value of your property may be at risk.

The first thing to consider when analyzing drainage needs for your home is downspouts. The roof is an immense impermeable space which collects rainwater and snow. All of this water eventually runs off and is directed by your downspouts. In many cases, this means it is funneled in high quantities and at high velocity to a number of points around your house, and discharges a few feet away from your foundation. This can easily result in erosion, settling or even foundation damage if proper drainage is not considered. By trenching and burying your downspouts, we can redirect this water away from the house and minimize the effects of erosion, pooling, potential foundation damage or settlement. We use the natural drainage patterns of your specific site to determine where and how to direct this water. If necessary, we can even adjust grading to assist in keeping the water moving naturally. Not only does this protect your property from potential damage, it also offers a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to unsightly downspout extensions.

In some sites, rain water from the roof is not the only problem to consider. Other drainage issues can be resolved by using rain gardens, adjusting pitch and grade, adding berms or swales, installing French drains or using permeable pavers. Some drainage solutions may even propose using a number of these techniques together to turn “water problems” into “water features”. One option might be to collect excess storm water by directing roof water through buried downspouts to an appropriate location where a rain garden or a pond feature can be installed! Or perhaps rainwater is used in a “pondless stream” that empties into a bed of pea gravel or through permeable pavers to an underground reservoir that recycles the water! The possibilities are endless!

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