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Landscape structures play many roles in today’s landscape. Structures can be used to provide shade in a hot sunny area, designate an entrance, support climbing plants, keep wild animals out or pets in! Fences, pergolas, arbors, gazebos and trellises are commonly seen in today’s outdoor spaces.

At Kelly’s Greenscapes, our designers love to use custom structures to solve design problems while enhancing the ambiance and unique qualities of your personalized outdoor space! Sometimes all a great patio space needs is a few vertical elements to give it a sense of enclosure. Pergolas, arbors, trellises and fences can all be used in creative, tasteful ways to transform a patio space into an “outdoor room” that you will not want to leave!

Have you considered the possibilities of fences in your landscape? We are not just talking about the white picket fence around the yard, here. Fences can be used creatively to separate garden spaces, keep the bunnies out of the vegetables, or give Fido room to run free while you enjoy your time outside. Cedar fencing can be combined with custom lattice work to create a unique look that gives you just enough privacy without walling yourself in. Fence or lattice panels can be used creatively to direct views and provide screening without completely blocking off access to the neighbors.

Looking to extend the amount of time you can spend outside in our Wisconsin climate? Maybe a screened gazebo or garden house is just what you need! Hot tubs and wood burning stoves can be used outside year round! Just give our designers a few ideas about what you are looking for, and watch the ideas flow!

Need something that hasn’t been mentioned yet? How about a shelter for outdoor fire wood storage? A custom play set for the kids? A potting bench with storage space? No problem! Our designers are always willing to work on new and exciting landscape structure designs!

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Kelly’s Greenscapes is a full-service Landscape Design/Build Company. This means we offer services from landscape design to installation and a number of other specialties in between!

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