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Let Kelly’s Greenscapes transform a nice outdoor space into a spectacular one with the addition of a water feature! Incorporating water features into your landscape such as ponds, fountains and waterfalls creates a whole new creative layer to your complete landscape design. Not to mention, it adds another sensory experience to your outdoor space – sound! Whether you just like the look of a fountain or stream, are looking for something to drown out the noise of a busy street, or would like to attract birds and wildlife, our experienced designers can work with you to meet and exceed your expectations with a custom water feature!

A well planned and designed pond and waterfall feature can offer a water source and habitat space for wildlife. A pond can be its own mini-ecosystem, providing food, shelter, and safety to the vegetation and wildlife around it. When ponds have had time to naturalize they attract birds, butterflies, bunnies, frogs, ducks and more! These are great features for naturalistic sites. If this is the experience you are looking for in your outdoor space, let Kelly’s Greenscapes make it happen for you!

Our design team can customize water features to help drown out traffic noise, add curb appeal, soothe the soul, or to create a resort-like atmosphere on your property. If you are looking for something that gives you the sounds of a waterfall without the maintenance of a pond, ask about one of our pondless waterfall or stream features!

Contrary to popular belief, a water feature does not have to be large, flashy and difficult to take care of. We even install small “bubbling rock” features which offer the sound of running water in an area as small as a bird bath with the convenience of a flip of a switch! Or, if you prefer, a small fountain built into a low garden wall around your patio! Whatever your final choice is, formal or informal, expansive or simple – water features are an eye catching and soothing addition to any outdoor space. Contact Kelly’s Greenscapes today to request a free consultation! One of our experts would be happy to stop by and discuss water feature options for your space!

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